December 01, 2006


Scores and answers of Bgyan#1

Mahendra singh chauhan- 6 Srikanth R- 6 Srinidhi rai- 2 Sriram Ravichandran- 3 Sayan Gosh- 3Sriram- 5 Siddharth Misra- 3 Nikhil narayan- 2 Varadharajan- 3 , Anusheel Shrivastava - 6

Thanks everyone !!!

1. Whicih comapny is notorious in 1980's as "CIA of Wall Street"?

Ans Kroll Associates was notorious during the 80's as CIA of wall strt due to the prevalence of former CIA, FBI and Scotland yard men for corporate espionage in takeover bids as well as destabilization of foreign nations

2. Who became the first vitrual millionaire in digitally stimulated world ( been on cover page of business week)

Ans: Anshee Cheung, She sells real estate ( a.k.a server space @

3. Where do you find 2 interlocking circles with 23 horizontal bars and italic, sans- serfi type face font

Ans: Master card logo

4. Reliance communication recently launched manged video confercing business, name there first client

Ans: Art of Living Foundation

5. Name the first Indian move to be premiered on internet

Ans: Vivah, premeired at

6. 'Copy Left : All rights reversed' is what a friend of X called it.
Linux & open source software movement was described so . X is Richard Stallman

7. 'LTD' is the ticker symbol of which company?
Ans: Limited inc

8. Connect Ajit Agarkar, Abdul razzaq, Mohammed Asif ( nothing to do with business)

Ans: Only 3 bowlers to bowl maiden overs in a 20-20 match

9. Identify him

Ans:Joseph Pulitzer

10. Identify this advertising character

Ans: Maytang Lonely man

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