December 24, 2006

Useless trivia

50 million cars are being manufactured in the world each year There are over 240 million vehicles in the U.S. alone, while the world estimate is over 750 million vehicles and counting. It is estimated that by 2030 the number of vehicles in the world will double.

An influential recent study from Berkeley's Haas School of Business estimated that about 12% of eBay's revenues come indirectly from Google, whereas Google gets only 3% of its revenues from eBay.

Brain inconsistency is why you can't reliably repeat that perfect fastball or golf swing, says a Stanford University study.

Sir Howard Stringer compared the relationship between Sony and its customers with a marriage: "Sometimes we misunderstand each other, but that's a concept of marriage."

During the first 50 days of the season, total online retail spending, excluding travel-related purchases, reached $21.68 billion, up 26 percent from a year.Dec. 11, consumers set a single-day record of $661 million for online spending. Two days later, that record was broken as consumers spent $667 million online

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