December 05, 2006

intresting to know

BMW which commands just 2% of the world car market has a market value which is greater than Ford and GM

A.C. nielsen global online survey reveals 41% Indians think sunglasses are the most sought after accessory followed by belts (35%)

FORTUNE analyzed the stock returns of major U.S. companies in ten industries and found that the industry leaders by revenue returned a mere 2% over the past 12 months vs. 21% for the their second bananas

Incarceration Optimization Program International in New York City, offers a 100-hour, $20,000 course that instructs mainly white-collar criminals on the finer points of prison etiquette. clients learn slang terms, how to address guards and other inmates, and generally what daily routines will be like inside. His program is one of the dozens offered by consulting firms on everything from witness preparation and sentence-reduction lobbying to prison inspection and certification

Corrections Corporation of America, is the largest private prison operator in USA.

Prision economy in USA is aprox $37 billion ( money spent on Prisioners by Federal Govt)

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