February 05, 2007

bgyan # 4

1. which country's central central bank has misspelled the word “bank” on its new notes, as "bankh"

2. For which Virgin company inaugural function did Richard Branson dressed up so..

Virgin Bride (BTW the photo is not morphed, Richard Branson shaved his chest and dressed so for the inagual function of virgin Brides

3. once in a while, you will see the Google logo change to represent a current event(like new year,Christmas,braille day etc These logos are known as what?

Google Doodles

4. In 1972, which company introduced a new version of the logotype. Designed by Paul Rand,
replacing horizontal stripes with solid letters to suggest "speed and dynamism"?


5. which company unveiled a new slogan “more Happy"


6. In 1998, Microsoft paid Internet service provider Synet $5 million for the rights of which name

Internet Explorer

7. who was named as "Advertising Agency of the Year 2006" by Advertising age?

The Consumer was named as Advertising ageny of the year on the grounds that consumers generated more compelling brand communications in 2006 than any single agency

8. Corous selling process started in October ,2005 when there banker credit suise set up project England the code name for the potential sale and gave every possible buyer a secret name, while CSN was nicknamed as cardiff, what was the nickname given to Tata's?


9. Name the global official internet partner for the 2007 cricket world cup


10. Prosearch Consultancy(They conducts workshops for senior managers on translating winning sports strategies to the field of business) is owned by whom??

Harsha Bhogle

scores: Rohit Jain 2, Balaji Krishnan 6, Prasoon Ranjan 6, Varun Reddy 9, Alfia Kadhim 1, Pushpadatta 2, Anirban Datta Gupta 8, shyam naren 7,Sidharth Mishra 5

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