February 22, 2007

Tata Crucible campus quiz Hyderabad

A record 200+ teams participated (including some alleged fake students) at Tata Crucible Campus quiz,Hyderabad ...the team from ICFAI convincingly won the quiz makeing history by becoming first team to make into finals through wild card entry and winning it. Dept of Mgmt studies, Osmania University came second beating another ICFAI team in a tie breaker

Some of the questions from prelims and finals:

What initiative from ITC gets its name from Hindi word meaning place of gathering


Which company is entering DTH services with brand name Blue Sky Magic?


Pic of Hugg hefnner

Patty Stonesifer is the ceo of which foundation

Bill and Melinda Gates foundation

Which company has taken over TOMCO,Lakme,Kwality ice creams


What does KYC norm stand for

Know your Customers

Pic of eric schimdt

The official football of 2006 world cup is manufactured by which company


If u r nominated for D&Ad award for what categories are you competing for

Design & Advertising awards

Henry & Helal Hassenfiels formed which company in 1923 as a Textile Company


“Come for the Cricket, Discover the country” is the advertising campaign of which country

Jamica, West Indies

Malaysian airlines logo

HomeTowns a large format retail outlets is from which company

Future group

Mb Yunus started which bank

Bangladesh Grameen Bank

IOB bank logo

Which company specializing in medical optics did John Jacob and Henry found in 1853

Bausch & lomb

“Share moments,Share life” is the punchline of


Which Indian airline does Mr.Bruce Ashby Heads?


ERTS it’s the ticker symbol of which company

Electronic Arts

Which company’s logo features a stick?

Texas Instruments

Planet Fashion is owned by which company

Aditya Birla Group

What was originally started as ‘LTD” in Texas

Dell Computers

Who owns NBA team Portland Blazzers

Paul Allen

Abhishek BAchhan 31st birthday gift

Bentley car

Virginai House HQ of which company



vartika said...

very informative! many things v don't pay heed to....

praneeth said...

Thanks a lot..:-)