October 15, 2007

Bgyan 8 - business quiz

Presenting Bgyan #8. Answers to only those who attempted. Mail u r replies to praneeth82@gmail.com

1. 13 of the 15 members of the Indian T20 cricket squad promote one brand. Which Brand?

2. 'Cricketguniya' a kind of anti-cricket epidemic that spreads whenever India starts loosing in cricket is a new promo idea of which company. This campaign was supposed to be aired after T20(they thought India will be out from T20 at early stages)

3. Which famous bollywood director acted in two commercials – Fevicol (Dam laga ke) and Chal Mera luna

4.In the early 1990's Mr.X stumbled on a news report about a Vietnamese born French pilot using helicopters to help foreign investors travel all over Vietnam . This made him think of abysmal lack of helicopter services in India and decided to enter into helicopter services. Name the company started by Mr.X?

5. Connect 'lalkaar', 'Wheels of India', 'The first class offer' and 'Power Deal'

6.What was founded by Dr.S.S.badrinath in 1978 as a 16 bed hospital with one Operation Theater on the campus of Vijaya Hospital . The hospital was started by a group of philanthropists at the request of Sri Jayendra Saraswathi, the Sankaracharya of the Kanchi?

7.India will be soon promoted as a "MICE Destination' to tap the $280 billion global market. What does MICE stand for

8. ---Designed by Max Meidinger in 1957, it is symbolic of neutral Switzerland and an expression of new optimism in the aftermath of World war 2

9.Which city in Italy , is known as "The capital of engine" since the factories of most Italian car manufactures are located there

10. The Musalman, a daily newspaper from Chennai is perhaps the last newspaper in the world ----?

11.Which company means "Giver of good things” in Sanskrit

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