October 23, 2007

Teleocom Italia Ad

This is one of my fav ad..
Released In 2004 by Telecom Italia using Gandhi's feature and exerpts of his speech at the Inter-Asian Relations Conference, New Delhi, 1947. click here to read the whole speech.

This ad is made by the advertisement agency Y&R Italia Srl for Telecom Italia and won the Epica - Europe's Premier Creative Awards award for the year 2004

Gandhi's words in the ad:
"If you want to give a message it must be a message of ‘Love’, it must be a message of 'Truth'. I want to capture your hearts. Let your hearts clap in unison with what I’m saying. A friend asked yesterday, ‘Did I believe in one world?’ How can I possibly do otherwise, of course I believe in one world".

BTW, A U.S.-based licensing company CMG Worldwide tried to capitalise on the name of Mahatma Gandhi with the aid of his grandson Tushar Gandhi. read more

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