October 18, 2007

Thursday Trivia

Kimberly-Clark developed the "disposable handkerchief" to commercially develop excess creped wadding capacity. The tremendous increase in cars increased the sale of cosmetics, particularly cold cream, to combat the effect of wind hitting the faces of women riding in cars open to the elements. Naturally, they needed something to remove the cold cream. So the tissue trademarked "Kleenex" was developed as a disposable substitute for cloth face towels in 1924

some of the co-branding initiatives - Puma has worked with Mini to produce a special-edition car; Acer has worked with Ferrari to create a laptop computer; Volkswagen has partnered with Apple to create an iPod-compatible Beetle

More than 25% of the entire population of the world has collected stamps at one time in their life.

Conflicts from 1990 to 2005,costed 23 African nations $300 billion, a study by Oxfam International has found

Black Friday traditionally is the kick-off to the holiday shopping season in USA. On that day, retailers try to outdo each other with the deepest discounts, or "doorbuster deals," that they offer only for the first few hours that day

Global wealth increased 7.5% last year to $97.7 trillion, according to Boston Consulting Group. And of the 9.6 million households globally with more than $1 million in assets, 49% of them lived in North America.

Carlos Slim-controlled companies make up one-third of the $422 billion Mexican Bolsa, or stock exchange

Delays in Airbus A380 project have cost Airbus 6bn euros (£4.17bn; $8.5bn)

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